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Verify user's identities, gain visibility into every device!

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Duo lets you secure access to all applications, for all users, from anywhere. Reduce the time and resources required to secure your environment with Duo's centralised security platform. Check that your users' devices meet your security standards before granting them access.

What is Cisco Duo?

Duo Security is a multi-factor authentication service (MFA) and it's a great app which your business needs. Duo's Unified Access Security solutions ensure only trusted users and trusted devices can access every company's data and applications.

MFA is the foundation for zero trust. Duo verifies that your users are who they say they are before they access your data - and with multiple second-factor options, including one-touch Duo Push, users can easily authenticate in seconds.

Why Duo?

  • Trusted users: enforce users access policies and authentication methods to support every business
  • Trusted devices: check the security health of all your users' devices
  • Every application: secure access to any application (cloud, on-premises, or custom)
  • Single Sign-on: seamless, single dashboard access to any and applications


Reduce the risk of data breach with Cisco Duo.

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