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At RedPontem we believe that high-speed secure networks should be accessible for every business, regardless of size. Here you can find the best tech deals from UK specialists to maximise your security, productivity, and efficiency without the need for extensive IT knowledge or training. Shop around for the best offers on laptops, handsets, security cameras, and cybersecurity devices - along with other services specially selected by our team of experts.
Find your tailored and easy-to-manage solution and elevate your business today!

Free Trials
  1. Cisco SecureX 14-Day Trial
    Cisco SecureX 14-Day Trial

    Part No: Cisco SecureX Free-Trial

    £0.00 £0.00
  2. Cisco Meraki Free Trial
    Cisco Meraki Free Trial

    Part No: Cisco Meraki Free-Trial

    £0.00 £0.00
  3. Cisco Umbrella Free Trial
    Cisco Umbrella Free Trial

    Part No: Cisco-Umbrella Free-Trial

    £0.00 £0.00
  4. Cisco Duo Free Trial
    Cisco Duo Free Trial

    Part No: Cisco-Duo Free-Trial

    £0.00 £0.00
  5. Cisco Webex 90-Day Free Trial
    Cisco Webex 90-Day Free Trial

    Part No: Cisco-Webex Free-Trial

    £0.00 £0.00

Small Business Essentials
  1. Cisco Meraki Go Indoor Radio Access Point | GR10
    Cisco Meraki Go Indoor Radio Access Point | GR10

    Part No: GR10-HW-UK

    Special Price £95.02 £79.18 Regular Price £145.66
  2. Cisco Meraki Go 8 Port Network Switch | GS110-8
    Cisco Meraki Go 8 Port Network Switch | GS110-8

    Part No: GS110-8-HW-UK

    £223.86 £186.55
  3. Cisco Meraki Go 24 Port Network Switch | GS110-24
    Cisco Meraki Go 24 Port Network Switch | GS110-24

    Part No: GS110-24-HW-UK

    Special Price £313.02 £260.85 Regular Price £390.05
  4. Cisco Meraki Go Outdoor Radio Access Point | GR60
    Cisco Meraki Go Outdoor Radio Access Point | GR60

    Part No: GR60-HW-UK

    Special Price £129.88 £108.23 Regular Price £194.53
  5. Cisco Meraki Go Security Gateway | GX20
    Cisco Meraki Go Security Gateway | GX20

    Part No: GX20-HW-UK

    Special Price £116.89 £97.41 Regular Price £145.66

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  2. Is Webex Secure?

    Unlike other video conferencing tools, security is in Webex’s DNA. Created by leading network cybersecurity vendor, Cisco, Webex has integrated end-to-end encryption and user access policies to ensure your data stays completely confidential. More than just passwords Cisco Webex takes a 360 approach to device and platform security. Whether you...
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    The landscape of cybercrime is expanding in both sophistication and volume and shows no signs of slowing. But do small businesses really need cybersecurity? No one’s going to target a small-town bakery, a locally funded charity, or a quaint online craft store, right?  Wrong.  Of course, the cyberattacks that are reported in the ...
  4. 10 Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses 

    In 2019, the average cost of dealing with a cyber breach for a small business was £11,000 not including the cost of lost business – and with cybercrime increasing in both sophistication and frequency it’s safe to assume the financial impact will increase alongside it.  Nowadays it’s pretty much impossible to run a business without ...
  5. Embrace Change: 3 steps to prepare for what’s next

    As mentioned in our previous post “Small Business Success: Creating a Secure Network”, providing a great IT experience for your employees doesn’t have to be a challenge. We must admit it can be difficult. Whether you are the only person in IT, your company devices are dated, or you are dealing with plenty other issues… However, rest assured...
  6. What is Meraki Wireless?

    To understand what Meraki is, you must first understand what Meraki is not. Meraki is not an internet connection in itself and does require an already present internet connection from any standard internet provider to be operational. Meraki devices interconnect to create a streamlined network that uses your existing internet connection as an ...



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