What is Webex?

What is Webex?

Don’t settle for a meeting solution that’s just ‘good enough’ and see first hand why Cisco has been named a Gartner leader for the 15th time. 

Webex is a video conferencing and communication tool designed to bring remote and hybrid work environments closer together. Designed for teams of all sizes, Webex operates as a single app that is accessible from any device for calls, meetings, and messaging in the cloud. 

Webex boasts built-in security and scales alongside your business’s requirements with both the Webex app, designed for personal and small businesses and the Webex suite for those that need a little more oomph. 

The Webex App 

Work how you like, where you like with the Webex app. 

Connect your team with the best secure meeting and collaboration platform, designed for easy use and high performance. Make and receive calls, organise meetings, and keep in touch with internal and external messaging, filesharing, and whiteboarding. 

Webex is at the forefront of inclusivity, allowing users to collaborate regardless of communication style, location, or even language with their built-in real-time translation tool. 

Boasting AI-driven technology, Webex has seamless background noise removal and speech enhancement, so you never have to worry about microphone quality. You can also easily track your employees use to avoid meeting burnout, ensuring the health and happiness of those you work with. 

The Webex app is a hub of innovation, with new features and updates coming regularly. Aiming to tear down the barriers created by the new hybrid working model, the Webex app creates a collaborative and inclusive space for all users. 

The Webex Suite 

Take the Webex app one step further with the entire suite. 

The Webex Suite takes the elements of the Webex App and turns the heat up to 100. Expanding on the core messaging, meeting, and calling aspects by introducing world-class events, asynchronous video, and more. The Webex suite allows employers to seamlessly orchestrate their entire organisation through a single pane of glass management system for users, security, and devices. 

Host memorable virtual, in-person, and hybrid events with multiple sessions, attendee networking, ticketing, and more – and top it off with audience participation in the form of easy-to-use polls, Q&A’s, word clouds, and other real-time interaction tools. Plus, if someone is unable to attend they can have access to a secure and password protected download of the event after it’s taken place. 

Asynchronous video allows employers to beat busy schedules and time zone differences with video messaging and presenting that can be watched on-demand by the recipient, with the ability to add time-stamped feedback to the sender.  

In short… 

It’s time to stop settling for average communication. 

Webex takes all the issues surrounding hybrid working and soothes them with consistent innovation, with a streamlined platform and process. But don’t just take our word for it – check out our Webex free trial! 

RedPontem, part of the Ampito Group, can provide you with an unmatched service when compared with other resellers. We are UK-based, and our long-standing experience can guarantee full support during every stage of your innovation process.
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