Optimise device communication with Meraki Go switches

Optimise device communication with Meraki Go switches

A network switch is defined as ‘’a piece of networking hardware that connects devices by using packet switching to receive and forward data to the destination device.’’

But what does that even mean?

Simply put, network switches such as the Meraki Go streamline your network and allow device communication at a much faster rate than what you would see on internet or Wi-Fi-based networks. For a business, this means that all devices can be put on the same internal network and share files unhindered by the limitations of download and upload speeds – letting your team work faster!

Benefits of using a Meraki Go switch

Aside from the speedy network accessibility, Meraki Go switches have a multitude of other purposes:

Uninterrupted speed

Creating an individual network for your devices means that your internet connection is untouched. Even if large files are being transferred across dozens of devices, the Meraki Go switch will ensure that this has no impact on business Wi-Fi and ethernet connectivity.

Privacy & security

Meraki Go switches allow you to monitor and restrict network access and use, for example, if you have private files that only certain employees need access to, like payslips or other confidential information, you can limit access to only those who need it with the tap of a button!


Meraki Go is built for small businesses and put your business growth at the heart of all their devices. With 8, 24, and 48-port switches available there is something for every business size – unsure of your business requirements? No problem! Contact a RedPontem specialist and we can make sure you get the correct items tailored for your business’s needs.


We really can’t stress this enough – Meraki Go is simple (but effective). No IT knowledge is required, and all Meraki Go devices can be installed straight out of the box and monitored from the easy-to-use Meraki Go app. You can even configure your network, roll out updates, and monitor all connected devices remotely!

Still not convinced?

Why choose Meraki Go over any other network device? Well, Meraki Go’s track record speaks for itself – just ask Simon Williams of UK based marketing agency, Ice and a Slice.

‘’Meraki Go just works. We no longer have productivity or bandwidth issues. It’s simple to install and manage without IT experience.’’

Or Dr DeLong of Santa Clara based family dentistry practice…

‘’Before Meraki Go, the WiFi was super slow but with Meraki Go, it’s now so simple. Patients find it’s easier and faster to connect to our network, and it doesn’t prohibit me from getting my job done—from submitting insurance forms to sending text reminders to patients.

Okay, I’m sold… But why should I buy from you?

RedPontem offers personal device aftercare for all our clients – it’s something we pride ourselves on. If you have any issues post-installation we are here to help, and with over 30 years of IT experience we really know our stuff.

We have been a preferred partner of Cisco for many years, but the small business focus of Cisco’s Meraki Go is truly mirrored in our own values. We care about the success of our clients from the smallest coffee shop to the largest bank and want to see every one of them make their mark on the world knowing that their network is safe, secure, and optimised exactly for their purposes.

RedPontem, part of the Ampito Group, can provide you with an unmatched service when compared with other resellers. We are UK-based, and our long-standing experience can guarantee full support during every stage of your innovation process.
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