What is Cisco Meraki?

What is Cisco Meraki?

To understand Meraki, you must first understand cloud networking. Don’t worry, it sounds more complicated than it is! 

Cloud networking streamlines your IT procedures by providing a centralised management, control, and visibility platform and negates the need for complex controller appliances or overlay management software. 

In short, Cisco Meraki provides all of this. Built with the cloud in mind, Meraki uses out of the box cloud management from one easy to use hub, allowing you to see, manage, and control every device connected to your network with just a few clicks. Meraki also has advanced diagnostic, monitoring, and reporting capabilities that give you important insights into the running of your company from both employee and customer perspectives. 

Ok great.. but how does Cisco Meraki work? 

Cisco Meraki bridges the gap between hardware and cloud by using reliable, high-performance Cisco Meraki wireless access points that create a Cisco Meraki cloud that other Meraki devices will automatically connect to. It’s this integration that gives you full scope visibility of your network users, allowing you to configure thousands of devices remotely, access reports, and run diagnostics remotely via the Cisco Meraki dashboard. Even tasks like RF optimisation and VPN configuration can be handled via Meraki. 

Users who have created their cloud networks with Cisco Meraki benefit from a wide variety of features, and marvel at the simplification of IT operations. Implementing Cisco Meraki means you can roll out site-wide updates without controller hardware, and can be used anywhere from small sites to million-user deployments. 

Is Cisco Meraki secure? 

In short, yes. Cisco Meraki takes its job seriously as the industries largest cloud networking service, powering tens of thousands of networks across the globe. Cisco guarantees device safety, and Meraki is no different – powering businesses of all sizes from start-ups to enterprises, from banks to hospitals, and more. 

Specifically, Cisco Meraki offers two-factor authentication, combined with a 99.99% reliability Service Level Agreement to protect your network from threats. For more information about the security of Meraki visit https://meraki.cisco.com/trust where Meraki personally detail their privacy and reliability, and provide information on their processes and certifications. 

In addition to their security promises, Meraki devices undergo daily penetration testing to make sure it’s secure without interrupting your activity. Not only this, but Meraki also offers a variety of additional security tools to help their customers address any network vulnerabilities. 

Cisco Meraki FAQ 

How does Meraki compare to traditional networks? 

The real question here is how traditional networks compare to Meraki - and the answer is simple; they don’t. Cisco has made huge investments in both time and money in creating the ultimate cloud networking experience, combining easy management with best-in-class security. 

Do I have to be a big business to operate Cisco Meraki? 

Nope! Meraki is designed to scale with your business and can be affordably obtained and seamlessly executed by any business size. If your business is particularly small, you can still get the same Meraki experience via Meraki Go – a subdivision of Meraki built with small businesses in mind. 

How often does Meraki update? 

Meraki automatically provides firmware updates online, with new features and performance improvements rolling out each quarter. You can also reschedule or cancel any updates from your dashboard. 

Does network traffic move through the Meraki cloud? 

Whilst Meraki does manage and monitor your networks devices, it does not manage network traffic. None of your business data is transmitted through Meraki’s datacentres, adding another layer of security to your network happenings. 

What happens if I can’t access the Meraki cloud? 

Don’t worry! Even if you can’t access the Meraki cloud at that moment, your network will continue to function as normal. Firewalls remain operational and users will see no change in authentication processes – the only things that may be interrupted if cloud access is lost are reporting and configuration tools. 

What does Meraki mean? 

Meraki is a Greek word used to describe soul, innovation, creativity, and putting every ounce of yourself into a project. Often used to describe design or cooking, Meraki encapsulates unparalleled passion and individuality with an air of absolute devotion and undivided attention. 

For Cisco, Meraki maintains its power and meaning and is further amplified by its consistent innovation and creativity in all its products'. 

The Cisco Meraki story began as a humble project called ‘Roofnet’ which sought to bring wireless capabilities to the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 2003. The project looked to take new leaps in technology and create a more reliable, accessible, and simpler connection that could be accessed for free throughout the city via a series of access points. 

After Meraki was acquired by Cisco in 2010, the soul, innovation, and commitment to providing excellent cloud capabilities for every organisation quickly snowballed into the service we know and love today. Cisco Meraki continues to push the boundaries of cloud architecture, whilst simultaneously sharing the passion and knowledge with everyone who elects to use their devices. 

The notion of Meraki is not only mirrored in Cisco’s own values, but in the gift it gives its users. 

Cisco have used their passion for innovation in Meraki to give users the power of network connectivity with minimal technological knowhow, and by streamlining their IT processes Meraki gives businesses of all sizes the power and time to work on their own passions - their own Meraki. 

How can I get Meraki? 

You’ve come to the right place. Here at RedPontem, we believe that every network no matter the size should have access to easy and secure networking solutions, and our partnership with Cisco Meraki allows us to offer you the best networking tools at a price that will suit your budget. There’s something for everyone with Cisco Meraki – so get in touch with a RedPontem specialist for a tailored assessment and quote specific to your business's needs. 

RedPontem, part of the Ampito Group, can provide you with an unmatched service when compared with other resellers. We are UK-based, and our long-standing experience can guarantee full support during every stage of your innovation process.
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