5 Reasons to Choose Cisco Meraki

5 Reasons to Choose Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki’s cloud architecture creates a secure, scalable, and easy to deploy network that boasts streamlined remote management from any device with the Meraki Dashboard and Mobile App.

Since integrating with Cisco in 2012, Meraki has continued to create innovative and user-friendly solutions for all business requirements, taking a lot of the stress and administrative work out of cloud-based network solutions.

If that’s not reason enough to climb aboard the Meraki train, here’s a few more reasons why we believe Meraki can suit every network:


1. Product Portfolio

Meraki began as a cloud-managed access point but has since developed into so much more. Cisco Meraki provides a wide range of devices from routers to security cameras - and with the flexible integration of the Meraki Dashboard, managing multiple devices just got easier.

2. Reduced Burden on IT Employees

With the centralised dashboard comes a ripple of streamlined IT functions, leaving IT staff available to accomplish more. All Meraki devices offer frequent updates and automation, removing a significant amount of burden, especially on smaller departments.

3. Deployed in minutes, with out-of-the-box functionality

No feature licences, no hidden fees. Cisco Meraki devices do exactly what they say on the tin, and work with minimal setup. Wifi routers, cameras, and remote security can all be handled within minutes of unpacking the device – the set-up can even be done remotely, just have someone plug it in on-site and the rest can be handled via the Cisco Meraki dashboard.

4. Built for your work style

Cisco Meraki can be accessed anywhere, anytime; perfect for the remote and cloud-based networks of the future. At home or on the go, Meraki solutions can be accessed wherever there is an internet connection.

5. Powerful cloud architecture features

When it comes to cloud architecture, Cisco Meraki leaves other network suppliers in the dust. With consistent and replicable configuration for easy deployment site-wide, automatic upgrades, secure site-to-site VPNs, remote device management, and intelligent WAN traffic optimisation – there are few IT problems Cisco Meraki can’t solve.


Not many solutions can claim to solve as many issues as the Cisco Meraki line-up, vastly improving the IT experience with simplified deployment and management. Expand your digital workplace safe in the knowledge that Cisco Meraki has your cloud devices protected, and enjoy the speed and simplicity it has to offer

Still not convinced? Contact a Redpontem specialist for your free Cisco Meraki trial, where we will send you devices free of charge to experience first-hand the different Cisco Meraki can make to your network.

RedPontem, part of the Ampito Group, can provide you with an unmatched service when compared with other resellers. We are UK-based, and our long-standing experience can guarantee full support during every stage of your innovation process.
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